Our Plethora encapsulates the Vassaltis winemaking philosophy in a bottle: paying respect to the traditions of the past while looking to the modern. One of wine’s enduring characteristics is its ability to evolve. From the vine itself to winemaking techniques to the wine resting in the cellar, it continues to shift and transform all the while, keeping us connected to the roots of the past.

Inspired by the winemaking techniques of the people who passed us the baton, we harvest overripe bunches of Assyrtiko and ferment them in stainless steel tanks. We then allow the wine to mature in barrels that are not topped up, allowing for a gentle oxidation. After twelve months in the barrels, the wine is bottled and cellared for two years before its release.

Like an offering to our winemaking ancestors, we present a wine of great sophistication and concentration. Drinking the Plethora with its citrus peel, sea salt, flowers, and dried herbs dancing on the tongue, briney and racy acidity, and the nutty and mushroom notes of age is akin to taking a sip of the past.