Santorini Barrel Aged

Have you ever been told “no” or that you can’t do something, and have that make you only more determined to succeed? We have never shied away from a challenge, including breaking into the incredibly competitive wine scene on Santorini. So, when we were told that we should not oak age Assyrtiko, that it would drown out the grape’s intrinsic volcanic characteristics, we knew we had to try.

Our passion for Assyrtiko is no secret.We love its citrus and green fruit, its briny and mineral tones, and the contest of wills it takes to tame its wild acidity. In no way would we ever want to cover all that with the heavy flavors of oak. And yet we knew there would be a way to incorporate barrels to broaden Assyrtiko’s scope.

Indeed, “incorporate” is the key, not inundate. In order to preserve Assyrtiko’s signature volcanic personality, we applied the delicate use of neutral, large format barrels and gentle battonage of the lees.

The result, a wine that defies all the criticism surrounding oak-aged Assyrtiko. The Santorini Barrel Aged is a perfectly balanced wine with great complexity and great ageing potential. Assyrtiko’s naturally citrus and mineral character is enhanced by notes of yellow fruit, smoke, toast, and a kiss of vanilla. The oak use created a full-bodied, structured, and lingering wine without losing the grape’s refreshing acidity or minerality.