Alcyone, takes inspiration from Greek mythology. She was the beautiful daughter of Aeolus, god of the winds, who was transformed by Zeus into a bird known as Halcyon. The Halcyon bird had the power to calm rough seas during its hatching period. Nowadays, Halcyon is a symbol of peace and protection and in fact, her legend gave birth to the phrase “Halcyon days”,the sunny calm days in the middle of the winter.

Much like the power of taming rough seas, our Alcyone has the power to tame the immensely powerful Assyrtiko.

 How? By using various maturation vessels like oak tanks and barrels as well as steel tanks to let the wine mature.

The grapes are sourced from selected plots in Vourvoulos, Pyrgos, and Megalochori, and partially ferment in large oak vats as well as cement tanks. We age the fermented wine further in 500-liter barrels where it receives regular battonage before bottling andcellar ageing.


The result? An elegant wine with balance and complexity between the minerality of Assyrtiko, structure and layers from the oak component as well as an expressive side from the use of cement. Despite the criticism on the use of oak in Assyrtiko, our experience from past vinifications shows that if used properly it adds complexity and richness resulting in a perfectly balanced wine with a long ageing potential.