Deeply rooted in Vassaltis is the desire for tradition and innovation. For that reason, petnat, or pétillant naturel, spoke to us as this style of semi-sparkling wine is made by using the ancestral method, the oldest known way to make sparkling wine.


We begin fermenting the wine, in our case, 100% Savvatiano, in stainless steel tanks. Then we transfer the still fermenting wine to bottles and seal them with a crown cap. While completing its fermentation in the bottle, the CO2 produced during the process is trapped in the bottle creating a gentle fizziness. Due to the fact that the fermentation is completed in the bottle, the wine is not filtered and is therefore slightly cloudy.


Our Savvatiano PetNat is a tasty, refreshing sparkling wine suitable for everyday pleasure with fruity and toasty flavors, moderate alcohol, and cheerful bubbles. Delightful citrus, stone fruit, and melon accompany pasty, floral, and honeyed notes along with an elegant mousse and subtle acidity.