After the Minoan volcanic eruption, circa 1600 BC, that devastated Santorini, when the island was reclaimed, Doric colonists from Sparta brought with them vines and planted them in volcanic soils that buried the prehistoric Akrotiri settlements. They discovered how well grapes grew on these seemingly inhospitable sandy soils. 

Nassitis encapsulates the spirit of the island by bringing together Santorini’s three principal white grape varieties: Assyrtiko, Aidani, and Athiri. In many ways, this marriage of the three grapes creates a wine that best represents Santorini.

The secondary varieties provide an explosive bouquet of jasmine blossoms and stone and tropical fruit, but the palate is dominated by the volcanic character the Assyrtiko provides. The final wine is a balanced expression of tropical and stone fruit and white flower aromas and a palette dominated by Santorini’s characteristic racy minerality. 

A perfectly balanced summer wine combining aromas with structure always under the volcanic character of Santorini, A wine so laid back, just like our summer days should be” (or something like that). (There is actually a great text on the back label of the wine)